Monday, May 28, 2012

Spotify and 8tracks

The other day I was spending some quality time with my best friend Alyssa. We were in the process of facials and doing nails. I had my laptop playing music and she asked if I could YouTube a song for her. I responded to her with "I'll just look it up on Spotify, whats the title?" She stared at me, confused beyond belief. I asked her what was wrong and she was like.. what the hell is a "Spotify". She even used the cliche air-quotes and all.

I was amazed. Alyssa is someone who is constantly on Facebook, and loves music! So, how she had not used Spotify by now was just mind blowing for me. So, as a part of my duties as best friend, I had to show her this amazing tool that I am honestly addicted to!

For those who like my best friend have no clue to what Spotify is, its a online music directory. Search the title of a song, or an artist and you will find their music, collaborations, albums, pictures, and bios. It also connects to your Facebook and posts what you listen to, your top artists, playlist's you have made and will even connect to you're computers iTunes or Windows Media Player and allow you to add that music to you're playlist. They have apps and even now allow you to post songs with Spotify to you're tumblr. Spotify is pretty damn fantastic and once I told Alyssa all about it, and she explored a bit off of my computer, she got it for her phone and computer.

Its super easy to get Spotify. Just google Spotify, download the software, connect to Facebook and listen away! I love this program and recommend it to anyone who listens to music. It has allowed me to re-discover old favorites and find new one! (OR see link below)

8tracks, unlike Spotify does not allow you to change what song you are listening to. It works more like Pandora. You get a certain amount of song changes per hour. It differs from Pandora in the sense that you can not only look up a genera or artist, you can look up pre-created playlist's by other users that include a certain song or fits your listening needs. Like sleeping or working out. I prefer the indie pop playlist's and have about 5 different ones I will listen to on a regular basis.

With 8tracks I am able to discover completely new artists and songs; and if I love a song enough I can buy it straight off of iTunes right away!
PS 8tracks connects to Facebook also!
PSS See link below to try it out!

So, if you love music I suggest trying one or both of these programs out!


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xo Sara


  1. Nice! I prefer 8tracks sometimes over Spotify because its has more underrated musicians and DJs that make you discover new music and artist (newest and oldies). Spotify its more for people who wants to listen a specific song and 8tracks its for albums lovers in my opinion. Very interesting article!

  2. I have been using 8tracks for the last 5 months and just yesterday installed Spotify even though I knew about it before. But I must say I prefer 8tracks over Spotify when it comes to my taste for music and compatibility. I have noticed that 8tracks plays a lot of the artists that I have never heard before and not the fact that they are new but it's actually really good music which I really like about it. And Spotify on the other hand mostly plays popular radio songs and also I really don't like Spotify's playlist song suggestion all that much. They just don't match with my taste.

  3. I would like to add that 8tracks uses way less data than Spotify, even when Spotify is set to the lowest possible quality. This might be a concern for people like me who have limited data plan.