Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Future Review Ideas

Hey guys,
I don't have anything new to review for you. I am just trying to brainstorm with you all and figure out what i should be reviewing. I am willing to do fashion, TV, movies, music, celebs, charities, hair care, beauty, skin care, cleaning items, shoes, stores.. anything really. So here is what I have came up with. It really isn't that long but I thought I'd throw some ideas out there.. if you want to suggest or tell me what you think of an idea, comment below!

  1. Toms shoes
  2. Toms Charity
  3. Lush beauty products
  4. YouTube channels
  5. Foster the people
  6. Lindsey Lohan
  7. Internet Explorer 9
  9. Spotify
  10. some exotic food.. vegetarian though..
  11. Glee
  12. Alcatraz
  13. Darren Chris
  14. Sherlock
  15. Dr.Who
  16. Arbonne beauty
  17. American Eagle clothes
  18. Victoria s Secrete clothes
  19. Nutorious snacks
  20. Weight Watchers
  21. Gotye
  22. Florence + The Machine
  23. UV-Blue
  24. UV-Cake
  25. Kinky
  26. Budweiser Platinum Beer
  27. Fourth of July? 
  28. Fun. 
  29. The Band Perry
  30. Grouplove

So are any of these appealing? Anything I didn't think of? Is there something you have no tried and want someone to do it before you do? Well.. Thats where I can help. I try this stuff for you guys.. if you own a company or small business and would like me to try a product and review it, email me and we can arrange something! If you are a band or soloist and want me to review/promo your group do the same. 

One other general idea I had was doing interviews with people. I'd love to interview bands. If any of you have a hook-up for me to meet some bigger names, contact me. I'd love to interview them and write about it! 

Thanks guys! Have a good night, comment below, subscribe and share!
Lots of love. 

xo Sara

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