Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say Yes to Beautiful

Yes To Inc was is the brand for the products of the Say Yes to Tomatoes line. With a company mission of "affordable, kick-ass products that work and make people feel good" you know something awesome is going on here. The packaging is clean, bright, and draws attention immediately. And in terms of the product, get ready to be amazed.

I have the typical combination oily skin. With the busy life of a college kid and the diet to go with it, i.e. lots of alcohol, greasy food and sleepless nights. Not to mention those pesky late night snacks, it's no surprise that my skin goes through the ringer. So by mid-terms of my first semester in college my skin, which use to be clear and blemish free, was now oily, and I constantly was having acne outbreaks. So, like many poor college kids, I called my mom asking for her to send something to help with my skin.

A few days later, I opened a package from home filled with goodies, including, 3 products from the Say Yes to Tomatoes line. I received the Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser, the Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick, and the Clear Skin Clearing Facial Mask. Each product worked wonders but did very specific tasks.

The Clear Skin Daily Clarifying Cleanser is the wash I use. Its gentle and just a small dab goes a long way once you use some water. The gel turns into suds and is easy to apply while in the shower, which is what I do. Its small but powerful, I noticed my skin was dramatically softer and my acne was clearing up after one use.. which as you can imagine just encouraged me to use it more. It quickly found its rightful place in my shower caddy. The one downfall I found with this product would have to be as soon as I started to use it less or forget to use it one day, my acne flared up with a vengeance. Overall I'd give this a 4.5 star rating and will continue to use it.

Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick is a anytime product.I have used a few other spot treatment products with none standing up to this product. Most would leave my skin not only dry but itchy and it never really helped clear up acne. I also had the experience of a chemical burn from one product. Not fun. Luckily, Yes To has created this product. It is great for as soon as you see blemishes starting to show up and  want to nip them before it gets out of hand. I tend to use this every morning as part of my routine and after the shower every night. It really works. It does tingle a little but nothing to worry about. I love this and I am almost out of my first stick and am in need of another. This product earned a solid 5 stars in my book. Love it.

Clear Skin Clearing Facial Mask is the same as a mud mask in my opinion. I wouldn't use this daily but whenever my skin starts to get funky again, I use it and its like hitting the RESET button on my face! Its super easy to apply, I normally wet my face a bit ,normally after it has been washed which is recommended, then use a finger to apply. I spread a thin and even layer around my face and then wait. I normally wear for 5-10 minutes and then remove. It does stiffen as it dries and hardens but it is not unbearable. When the mask is completely removed I notice how soft my skin is and if I had a big blemish it has normally gone down in size and the color has changed from a bright red to a light pink. It is just great and also makes for a fun at home spa treatment with your friends! I love this and due to the nature of the product, it lasts a very long time! 5 stars!

I adore this line of products and hope to continue using them. Products can be found at Walgreen's  or online at

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