Monday, May 28, 2012

Gay Marriage

On Monday May 14, President Obama made history once again. He came out supporting Gay Marriage for the first time. He is also the first US President to do so. If you have yet to see the video, please watch!

I know I am reviewing this a bit late, but I feel it is very necessary. Now, if you have read my bio you will know that I am an open pansexual (more to come on that via Krags Life) and currently just hit 2 months with my girlfriend Rachel. So this topic means so much to me and is held very close to my heart.

When VP Joe Biden came out in support of Gay Marriage a few day before Obama, many started voicing their opinions. I was still in college and it was finals week. In two of my classes we had debates on this subject and everyone wanted their ideas on the matter to be heard.

Those who were like me and pro-marriage equality talked about why they wanted to see Gay Marriage legalized across the board in all 50 states. They talked about marriage and how legalizing gay marriage would not damage the reputation of "straight" marriage and how everyone should have the ability to marry the person they love. Some went deeper into the issue of legal rights that civil unions do not cover and wanting the ability to not only marry but also adopt children as a legal and married couple.

When people who opposed gay marriage took the floor, the also had legitimate qualms. Although I did not agree with them, I understand we all come from different political and religious backgrounds. Mainly, I was just happy to not  to hear people bring up comments like gay marriage will lead to people marrying animals and kids. Lets just say the college classroom setting and professor guided debate helped prevent this nonsense from being spewed.

So, what did the other side have to say? Most of them just believed that marriage is a sacred organization and that it should stay between a man and a women. Fair enough.. I guess..  I don't agree but I tend to be an open minded and reasonable person so even though I don't agree I wasn't crazy stupid mad.

Being part of the LGBT community I want to see change in the laws across the country. I hope and dream of the day I will be able to walk down the isle in a gorgeous white gown, in front of all the people I love and adore, and express the profound amount of love I hold for the person next to me. That person in my mind can be a man or a woman. If I have the ability to love either gender I should be able to marry either gender. At this point in my relationship and my life, I honestly can say I hope it will be Rachel meeting me at the end of the isle.

Recently I was talking to my good friend Andy. He is openly gay and is in a relationship with Kyle. Kyle, like me, is pansexual... or is he bisexual...not sure.. it's one of those, anyway... Andy was telling me that he was so proud of both Kyle and I. We could easily hide our sexuality and still be happy. WE could just date people of the opposite sex, and avoid all the drama of coming out and seeking support, not to mention the marriage side of it all.

I was both flattered and offended. Andy was correct, I could easily avoid all the drama that came with being out of the closet. But, I am not only proud to be out, I respect myself to be out of the closet. I care so much about myself, that I want to openly love whomever I will love and after being with Rachel for two months, I know it was my destiny to be with her at this point in my life. We have taught each other so much, I am not even sure where I would be if she was not here with me at this point in my life. I feel Kyle, and anyone who relates to our sexuality would feel the same way.

When it comes down to it, it isn't always about ease, it's about doing whats right. And that my friends can be related not only to life, but to politics. It may not be easy to be out, or be an ally, or pass a marriage equality act, but it is the right thing to do and it is the smart thing to do.

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Lots of Love, Sara

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